Tuesday, October 19, 2004

That electric fan is going to kill you some day...

I'm not normally one to toot my own horn. Although that's probably a reflection of not having much to toot more than anything else. The following though, I think is tootable. If only because it is ridiculous and it is Korean.

Newspapers fan belief in urban myth

Thanks to those who've added links to this blog from theirs, even with me not updating for well over a month. The writing at Neilbarker's Seoul is refreshing because it's honest; James over at LostSeouls.com is constructing a technological juggernaut! Well sort of, anyways he's got good stories.

Monday, September 13, 2004

The Bedspread

I've started teaching three English classes a week at an all-girls high school near my place in Sincheon. It's kind of like being a rock star really, and it's funny because I don't ever remember large groups of teenage girls squealing at me with delight back in Winnipeg. I guess I just wasn't paying close enough attention.

I thought I'd share with the few people who actually read this blog a touching email I received from one of my students. I think Jennifer may have had just a little bit of help from one of those free online translating services, but nobody's perfect.

It's worth adding that "yo" is a commonly-used verb ending in the Korean language. Standing alone as a word though, it simply means bedspread.

With that I leave you to enjoy the piece I've dubbed "The Bedspread." Perhaps it's the maturity in prose, or the way she contorts the English language to bare her soul. I just hope it touches you on the same level it did me.

The teacher How are you, ^^ me in Jennifer the bedspread! The Korean name the present desire bedspread ^^ sends the total sprouting mail, percentage hours computers but were not,; Now it goes to the fine arts school and the place.. This bay it is bitter and it hides and nine bedspreads ^^ English class the re-Miss U bedspread ~~~ in the future it teaches too much and and well the staring nine bedspread ^^ study the day when it listens to it sees, ^^